Some of them.

Tailored for busy photographers and creators.

Personalized Portfolio

You can easily personalize your site's styling with our visual appearance control: change layout, fonts, colors, spacing - without touching a single line of code.

Layout and Navigation

Choose your layout and customize it to be your own.

Awsome layouts for your portfolio website

Integrated Google Fonts

Choose from a curated selection of Google Fonts to use across your site.

Using Google Fonts in your website

RTL Text (Right To Left)

Write in your own language, have a bilingual website.

Photos Viewer

Full-browser-size lightbox to maximize the display area for showing your large photos.

Super-Fast Uploading

Select multiple photos and videos to upload using Bablab’s browser based Photos Uploader. No need to install anything.

Technical Stuff

Bablab websites and galleries are built to work on all modern browsers and mobile devices and use the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies.

Domain Name

Connect your own domain name with your Bablab portfolio website or use a Bablab subdomain - yourname.bablab.com.

Traffic Analytics

Bablab includes a non-intrusive, privacy-friendly traffice analytics to gain valuable insight into traffic sources and device types.

non-intrusive, privacy-friendly traffice analytics

Secure Cloud Hosting

Your data and media are hosted on a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services - the most reliable cloud hosting infrastructure.

Managed DNS

Bablab connects visitors to your website through a fast, secure, reliable and globally distributed DNS service.

Photos and Video Galleries

Slick Galleries

Choose from several gallery layouts (grid, columns, rows, slideshows, stacks), apply any layout to any gallery.

Show videos and images together

Seamlessly blend videos in your galleries.

Drag to order

You can drag-and-drop photos to sequence them in any order. You can even have several galleries in one page.

Harnessing the power of images metadata

Edit metadata info for each photo and video to fine-tune your gallery page keywords.

Amazing SEO results

Automated SEO

We know, no one likes dealing with keywords and markup, That's why we have automated all the heavy lifting stuff.

Micro-Data & Social Cards

Auto-generated social profile schema markup, and full meta social cards - Open Graph & Twitter Card.

Automatic Sitemaps

Bablab automatically generates and links sitemap.xml and robots.txt for your website which facilitates proper indexing of your website by major search engines.

Images Optimised for SEO

Images' titles, locations, captions and keywords from their Metadata are automatically used in ALT tags for images, improving the search engine optimization of your website.

Clean Markup

Bablab code base is build using clean HTML markup that enables search engines to easily index your website.

More about SEO and Discoverability »

Client Galleries

Client Galleries

Your clients can securely select their favorites photos on desktop and mobile, making proofing flexible and collaborative.

Private Stock Galleries

Set up your stock photos in Private Client Galleries to easily share with buyers and clients.

Client Proofing, done right, easy and intuitive
Client gallery for a wedding event

Cool Gallery Layouts

Choose from several gallery layouts (grid, columns, rows, review), apply any layout to any gallery.

Organize photos in Sets

Create multiple Sets to organize your photos. Make it easy for your clients to explore.

Personalized Galleries

Customize gallery cover photo and colors to better personalize it appearance.

Clients Selections Management

Managing multiple client selections for each gallery. Easily export filenames and download client favorites to speed-up your workflow.

Selection Caps

You can limit the number of photos that a client can select.

Galleries Access Control

Viewing your client galleries is only possible with a secure access link. You can also lock a gallery with a password to control public access.

Client selection on the go, using a mobile