Bablab Changelog

We update Bablab as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable.

November - December 2022 Changes

Website Admin:

  • Improved performance by using smaller images throughout the Admin.
  • Improved upload performance - dramatically reduced time required for uploaded images to be registered in the app.
  • When adding photos from other pages or client galleries, added loading indicator when waiting for photos to show up.
  • Fixed an issue where photos order was not saved after deleting photos from a gallery.
  • Changed the way photos are distributed in columns layout, making it easier to control photos order.
  • To avoid accidents, hiding Set Delete button when selecting photos in a client gallery.


  • Changed the way galleries photos are distributed in columns layout, improving responsiveness and experience.

January - October 2022 Changes

Website Admin:

  • Dramatically improved the performance of Client Galleries Admin Section.
  • Changed the way numeral values are entered and controlled throughout the Admin, changed to a percise slider accompanied with stepper buttons for a more accurate control.
  • Added control over gallery images loading animation: slide-up or grow to size.


  • Added support for Google's tag manager to allow using their new Analytics (GA4).


  • Improved photos loading for better performance.
  • Fixed an issue where on iOS mobile phones cached images were not showing up on page reload.
  • Added lazy loading to all images in all blocks.
  • Added gallery images loading animation: slide-up or grow to size.
  • Fixed an issue where the website default page had a wrong canonical meta tag.

November - December 2021 Changes

Website Admin:

  • Enhanced positioning and scaling of block Photo+Text, allowing much more versatility in styling
  • Duplicating any block now have the option to copy to a different page.


  • Added auto-focus and keyboard shortcuts to all dialogs to improve work flow.

New Feature:

  • Lightbox - visitors can save a Lightbox and share it, or create a PDF of their Lightbox.

New look to Bablab website!

September - October 2021 Changes

Client Galleries:

  • Fixed a bug in deleting sets.
  • Added Order to client galleries list - you can now have newest gallery on top.

Website Admin: 

  • Blocks background color - you can now change a block background to stand out of page background.

New Block:

  • Vids Theater - showing several videos in a single “stage”, with a full-screen experience.


  • Added more control over “floating “ menu - you can now control the start position and scrolled position of the logo, background and menu.
  • Also, the width control now allows full width of background while constraining the logo and menu to page width.

Page Settings:

  • The page keywords pane is now integrated with the Page Settings.


  • Added control over the footer’s width to match header.
  • Also allows setting a background color to the footer and footer text color.


  • Improved photos aspect-ratio implementation using modern CSS.

May 2021 Changes


  • Re-factored Gallery Manager and the Uploader for better performance and stability.
  • Fixed a bug in SEO Keywords Analyzer that prevented multi words keywords from being displayed.
  • Changed the distribution of blocks to sections in the Blocks Menu. Soon more blocks will be added!
  • Blocks with photos and text now have the option to link through the photo.


  • Added Behance to social profile.


  • Improved photos sizes creation and handling, improving performance even more.

January - April 2021 Changes

The past few months were crazy here as everywhere else I guess.. We focused on our public website content and experience. Added more pages and fixed a few issues that made it a “little” hard to join Bablab. We implemented a new, hidden captcha to protect us from bots.


  • Drag pages from ‘Navigation’ to ‘Other’ to remove them from the website navigation and vice-versa.
  • Added ‘Preview’ under Page-Settings to allow previewing a draft page before publishing.

Client Galleries: 

  • Zoom client selections and likes - in case you want to inspect selected photos.


  • Added Plausible Analytics integration, to have a more detailed view of your traffic while respecting your visitors privacy.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Schema tags syntax improvements.
  • Performance improvements - websites are being served faster by optimizing the server caching system.

September + October 2020 Changes

Here are few enhancements we released during September and October 2020:


  • A fresh new look to the Admin - a more consistent experience throughout the admin sections.


  • Page Keywords summary - quickly see each page keywords distribution, to better fine-tune your pages content and photos meta data.


  • A new size for photos, providing more control over gallery layout.
  • Label for showing a title or a unique code for each photo.
  • When managing gallery's photos, you can now empty the gallery - remove all existing photos.

Client Galleries:

  • Added the favicon to all Client Galleries for consistent experience.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded selections were the wrong size.
  • Share buttons on Zoomed photos.

Child Pages block:

  • Allow full customisation of layout, text position, font size, font weight, photo dimensions.

Videos block:

  • Rewritten the videos block, leading to 60% reduction in videos load time!
  • Videos are lazy loaded.


  • Mobile navigation was rewritten, it is now easier to click on links, easier to scroll, mild animation entering the navigation.

August 2020 Changes

Here are few enhancements we released during August 2020:

  • Launched Bablab's Traffic Analytics - read more here.
  • Optimized JavaScript loading mechanism, improving performance even more.
  • Changed the way Google Analytics is loaded, saving roughly 1 second in load time.
  • Fixed a bug with downloading selections in Client Galleries.
  • Added structured data for photos (Google licensing), and for navigation (breadcrumb).