Bablab websites are simple

Website builder is a complex tool that requires some learning. As with any software/application, the more complex the application is - the more time needed to learn it.

Bablab vs self-hosted Wordpress

Wordpress is the most popular website builder for portfolio websites, but it is far from being an easy and simple choice for running a portfolio website. It requires a host server, installations, loads of maintenance, installing and updating themes and plugins, backing up and upgrading. Not simple at all.

Bablab is simple, anyone can use it. No code skills required, no installs, no themes, no plugins, no maintenance - only your creative photos and videos.


Bablab vs the "BIG" platforms

Squarespace and Wix are also super popular with photographers and artists, all the celebrities are using them... right? 😉 They aim to cover every possible website requirement, at any scale and configuration. This flexibility is the outcome of a high level of granularity of page elements - manually adding and styling every title, paragraph, button, image, etc. This naturally makes the interface very complex, sometimes cumbersome. Well, ask one of your colleagues who uses them.

Bablab is built for photographers, artists and designers to create a portfolio website. Composing a page is done by adding blocks, each block have its own set of controls and customizations. The simplicity of setting up and managing galleries is unparalleled.

There is no need to install any "uploaders" - you can upload your photos using your browser.


Bablab: managing images and media

Most of the platforms store your images in a single pool, usually called "media library", which holds pretty much all the website's assets, including your logo, icons and buttons. If you want to use an existing image you will have to find it, the media library lets you filter images by date or search by name. For a portfolio website this becomes very cumbersome - there are thousands of images, it's almost impossible to find a specific one.

Bablab lets you reuse images by displaying them grouped by pages, allowing you to select images to "import" to a different gallery.


Bablab: harnessing the power of images metadata

Portfolio websites for photographers and artists have some unique requirements. They are an extreme case for websites, as they have a huge amount of media (big images and videos) and very little text.

With this unusual text/image balance comes a unique need, the images have metadata which can be extracted and used in the page markup. This metadata sometimes needs editing - how frustrating it is to have to replace the image?

Bablab automatically extracts metadata from every uploaded image and stores it, this metadata info is then used in the page markup for search engines optimization. You can edit this info anytime, without the need to replace the image, enabling you to fine-tune the page keywords in images ALT and micro data tags.


Simple for your visitors too

Bablab portfolio websites are responsive. This means the same markup is suitable to all devices, the content will fit any screen dimensions, keeping your website fully functional on any device. Your next client can view your portfolio anywhere, anytime.