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September + October 2020 Change Log

We update Bablab as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable.
Here are few enhancements we released during September and October 2020:


  • A fresh new look to the Admin - a more consistent experience throughout the admin sections.


  • Page Keywords summary - quickly see each page keywords distribution, to better fine-tune your pages content and photos meta data.


  • A new size for photos, providing more control over gallery layout.
  • Label for showing a title or a unique code for each photo
  • When managing gallery's photos, you can now empty the gallery - remove all existing photos.

Client Galleries:

  • Added the favicon to all Client Galleries for consistent experience.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded selections were the wrong size
  • Share buttons on Zoomed photos

Child Pages block:

  • Allow full customisation of layout, text position, font size, font weight, photo dimensions.

Videos block:

  • Rewritten the videos block, leading to 60% reduction in videos load time!
  • Videos are lazy loaded.


  • Mobile navigation was rewritten, it is now easier to click on links, easier to scroll, mild animation entering the navigation.